ING Adds New Affiliates to Its Network

22 partners, operating in 18 states and Canada:
Working together, annually reaching tens of
thousands of Americans face-to-face


ING is pleased to announce the addition of three new Affiliates to our amazing Affiliate Network. ING Affiliates consist of organizations and speakers that utilize ING programs and materials in their local areas.

We now count ourselves twenty-two partners strong with the expansion of our Tennessee Affiliate to cover the entire state, and the addition of new Affiliates in New York, Connecticut, and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, making us a budding “international” community.

The expansion also includes new and updated content and materials, streamlined speaker training procedures, and expanded impact evaluation of our work beyond our home office in San Jose, across the nation and beyond.

In future notes you will hear from our Affiliates as they share their activities with local audiences and bring their expertise to ensure that ever greater numbers of people come to understand American Muslims and their faith.

We welcome them and look forward to working together to educate and to inspire respect and understanding across our differences.

Marcia Beauchamp
Affiliate Director

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