ING & Affiliates Mourn the Loss of Lives in Charleston, Call for Peace

AP photo - David Goldman

AP photo – David Goldman

By Islamic Networks Group (ING) Staff.

The murder of nine worshippers at a church in Charleston is an unspeakable crime that should be a wake-up call to our nation as it demonstrates how much work needs to be done to heal the divides which foster such hate. While local and national laws can legislate against such violence, it is the hearts and minds of people with such deep prejudice that need to be addressed, whether they use race, religion, or any other characteristic to demonize other human beings. At ING and our Affiliates, we believe that the most effective way to change such deep-seated biases is through education, face-to-face interaction and dialogue that humanizes the “other.”

We need to redouble our efforts to foster mutual understanding and respect for all people. We need to move our communities and nation to embrace a pluralism which prevents the attitudes that produce such reprehensible violence. Saddened and outraged by this latest atrocity, we at ING pledge to continue and intensify our work of promoting intercultural harmony and understanding through our educational and interfaith programs, the resources we offer on our website, and above all by our prayers and heartfelt commitment to building a world of peace. Together we can overcome the new wave of racism and hate that is neither American nor patriotic.