ING Condemns Terror Attacks in London

(San Francisco Bay Area, 7/07/05) – Joining Muslims around the country and the world, the San Francisco Bay Area based Islamic Networks Group condemns the terrorist attacks in London today. As Muslims, we utterly deplore these heinous and horrific acts that contradict all laws of Islam and civilization. To those who would commit such acts in the name of Islam, we say, that they are distorting and defaming a religion whose very name comes from the word “peace”, and which holds the highest regard for human life. As the Qur’an states: “Whoever takes an innocent life, it is as if he has killed all of humanity.” The Prophet of Islam condemned the targeting of civilians, and even infrastructure; there is no precedent in Islamic law or history for such a barbaric act.

Regardless of whom the perpetrators may have been, we hope for their quick apprehension and the swift application of justice.

We offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of those who were killed or injured.

We also urge the media to exercise restraint, and to act responsibly when reporting on these terrorist attacks. Until the perpetrators are brought to justice, all media reports should be accurate, restrained and sensitive.

(San Francisco Bay Area, 7/08/05) ING Holds Press Coverage Condemning Terror Attacks in the Name of Islam. Joining the press conference were the Islamic Society of San Francisco, CAIR, SBIA, MSAs, and others. Links to some of the coverage include:

Oakland Tribune & ANG papers on July 9. 2005

San Francisco Chronicle on July 9, 2005

Bay Area KPIX-TV5 Coverage on July 8, 2005 (story no longer available)

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