ING Gears Up for a New School Year After ISNA Convention

ING congratulates ISNA for convening a successful 43rd Annual Convention in Chicago, and extends its appreciation to ISNA for hosting ING workshops and a booth as it has for many years, and including ING in various meetings with visiting dignitaries. It is through such forums that ING’s work has become known and duplicated across the country in recent years. ING also congratulates ISNA on electing the first woman president, Dr. Ingrid Mattson, and wishes her all the success and our sincere support during her upcoming term. No one could be more fitting for this important task, and we have complete faith and confidence in her. “We hope that this milestone will also encourage and facilitate more women to assume the leadership positions they deserve in the many Islamic organizations and mosques they are active in across the country. Only with the participation and contribution of the entire community will we grow and thrive,” said Maha Elgenaidi, ING’s founder and president.

ING participated in the following workshops and sessions at the ISNA Convention:

Main Session: “The Balancing Act: Serving Faith, Family and Community,” an overview of the theme of the convention, namely the importance of balancing our various duties and practice of faith, from a devoted servant of Allah to a contributing and engaged member of the community.

Parallel Session: “Reaching Out to Your Neighbors: Guidelines for Outreach and Education about Islam,” an overview of the methodology and basic guidelines for outreach and interaction with the greater public, from the most basic conversation to making presentations about Islam. Speakers included Maha Elgenaidi, ING’s president, and Ameena Jandali, ING’s vice-president.

Parallel Session: “Answering Difficult, Frequently Asked Questions About Islam and Muslims,” this popular session that has become a convention staple not only provides answers to common and current FAQ’s, but guidelines on the methodology for effectively answering questions. Joining Ameena Jandali were Dr. Jamal Badawi and Salam Al-Marayati, Executive Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).

Parallel Session: “Educating Health Care Providers with Cultural Diversity Training on Muslim Patients,” an overview of ING’s cultural competency presentation for general health care providers that is increasingly being requested, not only by hospital staff, but chaplains; as well as a presentation for mental health staff. Joining Ameena Jandali were Dr. Sarah Azad, ING speaker and OBGYN physician, and Dr. Hamada Hamid, founder of Muslim Mental Health Institute, an ING partner.

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