ING Impact – A Student’s View

student views

“You should know how much your words will help us now and in the future. Thank you again!”

These words, written in a thank-you note, are from a high school student whose Social Studies class was visited by an ING speaker. While we can’t share her name, we will share her experience, as it’s a beautiful reminder of the impact ING is having on American high school students – especially Muslim students who are often a silent minority in the classroom.

“Dear (ING Speaker),

Thank you so much for coming to our school and being so open to our questions. You didn’t treat us like we were little kids, you simply informed us on something we needed to know about. I noticed that some of my friends that had been making jokes about Islamic or Arabic people stopped – which I thoughts was excellent. Thank you so much, everyone needs to learn more about the situation and I’m very grateful for your willingness to teach us. There are many things we assumed and guessed about the culture and having someone there to answer our questions without judging helps a lot. I think we learned some very essential facts that we will be able to use when making decisions later on in our lives and I feel you should know how much your words will help us now and in the future. Thank you again!”

Student, 10th Grade

Highlights from ING’s 2012 Impact Study

Our recently updated 2012 ING Impact Study shows student and adult audiences continue to be overwhelmingly positive after participating in an ING presentation on Islam and Muslims. Below are highlights from surveys received from 92 adults and 1,450 middle and high school students – all of whom learned from ING certified speaker in action.

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