"ING’s Impact Report Was As Inspiring As I Expected!"


“ING’s Impact Report was as inspiring as I expected!”

“I have read every page of your Three Year Impact Report (all 46 pages!) and it was very inspiring, making me wish I had become more fully involved several years ago when I was able. The statistics you provide are remarkable. But I know it would be like that.

Since I have been retired now for about 15 years, that means I no longer an income producing job….as a result, it makes it somewhat more difficult to make regular contributions. I cut a few corners in my lifestyle once in a while to permit it, as I will do now and provide my contribution for ING.” – Retired long time activist and ING supporter

If you believe as he does that ING is making an impact, please help us meet our goal this Ramadan. As we enter the last days of this blessed month, no donation is too small to make a difference.


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