ING Increase Efforts to Combat Islamophobia; 3/8/11

03/18/11 – In light of the controversy swirling around the King hearings on radicalization in the American Muslim community and escalating Islamophobia in the United States, ING emphasizes the need for increased outreach and education about Muslims and their faith, as well as interfaith dialogue and understanding.

To this end, ING is increasing efforts to duplicate its programs across the country through Islamic Speakers Bureaus affiliated with ING. Last week ING initiated a new bureau in Dallas, Texas, and is coordinating trainings for bureaus in multiple states. ING affiliated speakers bureaus use ING’s methodology of training and certification, including upholding First Amendment guidelines, as well as its materials.

ING Featured in Islamic Horizons Magazine

The most recent issue of Islamic Horizons magazine featured a story on ING affiliates titled “Sharing Knowledge” (story appears on page 40 & 41).

To learn more about ING presentations in the classroom and a description of the various subjects speakers can address, please visit page 2 of the ING Educational Resources Catalogue.

To learn more about ING’s interfaith panels of 2-5 representatives of the world’s major traditions including Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism please visit page 3 of the ING Educational Resources Catalogue.

For more information, contact ING Programs Coordinator at [email protected]

ING Works to Prevent Bullying in Schools

The same issue of Islamic Horizons magazine features its cover story on the topic of bullying in schools. While bullying is a problem in private and public, parochial and secular schools, since 9/11 it has impacted Muslim children in public schools in an unprecedented manner.

ING has been addressing the issue of bullying both locally and at the federal level. ING’s president, Maha Elgenaidi is attending a White House Conference on Thursday, March 10 where President Obama and Secretary Duncan will speak on the issue of Bullying Prevention.

In the Bay Area, ING speakers will also be addressing bullying as well as other issues that impact Muslim students here locally on Wednesday and Thursday of this week at San Jose State University. The presentation titled Understanding Muslim Students: Fostering an Inclusive Environment was designed for educators, administrators and staff in public and private schools. For more information, contact ING Programs Coordinator, at [email protected].