We're Launching Two Indiegogo Campaigns

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ING Launches Crowdfunding Campaigns

“There are many reasons why I support ING. Here are just two: One, ING prevents bullying by providing education about Muslims to students and teachers. And two, ING supports civil liberties by working with our law enforcement agencies to enhance their understanding of Muslim Americans–our coworkers, friends and neighbors–in a political environment where half of all Americans still view Muslims negatively. You too should support us by donating to one of the following campaigns. No one, especially children, should be made to suffer for their religion or chosen identity . This is the America I want for my future generation.”

– Randy Pond, ING Board Chair

The funding from these campaigns will allow us to expand these offerings to many more schools and law enforcement agencies. Click on the following links to donate any amount, as little as $5. The process takes only a few minutes. You can help us further by forwarding this note to others in your circle of friends.

ING – Stand Up to Bullying in Schools
ING – Muslim Americans and Law Enforcement

Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding site. Crowdfunded campaigns can reach many more people than a traditional fundraising drive. As friends share the projects that interest them, new audiences find those projects and become advocates.