ING President Featured On Huffington Post

ING President Featured On Huffington Post

The following is an excerpt from a recent featured article from ING President Maha Elgenaidi.

“As an American Muslim activist, it may shock you to find out that I’m absolutely enthralled with the appointment of the new pope. Sure, like many Americans, I am fascinated by the timeless tradition of the papal conclave, but I am especially captivated by the story of this pope. Pope Francis recently stated it was important to strengthen dialogue between different religions, “particularly dialogue with Islam.” Then on Holy Thursday he made history by washing the feet of juvenile prisoners, including a young Muslim woman, walking the talk of serving outside the faith community.

This gives me much hope for the future of Catholic-Muslim relations.” 

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Ending Islamophobia Through Comedy and Education
Performing at ING’s April 20th event will be Comedian and CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah who believes that comedy has great power in dispelling stereotypes. Click the picture below to watch a recent TEDx Talk that Dean presented, and be sure to register for ING’s Annual Gala to see him live!