ING Reaches Hundreds of Thousands – New Impact Report Released


ING Is Pleased to Release Its
Impact Report for 2012-2014

Dear Friends,

We are very pleased to release our Impact Report for the years 2012-2014 which we hope will inspire you. What follows are highlights of the report that show your donations at work, and the impact that ING is making in the community by increasing religious literacy and building interfaith relations. Please consider making a contribution to ING during the upcoming Ramadan season to continue our important work.

Thank you.

Randy Pond, Trustees Chair
David Renie, Directors Chair
Javed Patel, Trustee
Maha Elgenaidi, Trustee

Expanding our reach by hundreds
of thousands through digital media


ING has been expanding its use of social media to reach new audiences, particularly young people. In the past two years, over 200,000 people visited the ING website to view our content, while our online curriculum has been used by educators across the country. Over 20,000 people engaged with our content on Facebook, and over 15,000 viewed our YouTube channel.

Over 35,000 reached in 700 face-to-face venues


ING continued its traditional outreach through live face-to-face presentations and webinars to diverse audiences, with half to middle and high schools and the rest to adult audiences. Locally in the San Francisco Bay Area over the last two years, ING reached total audiences of around 35,000 in about 700 venues, with thousands of additional audiences receiving presentations from ING affiliates across the country.

ING positively changes perceptions by 20-40%


ING surveys show a dramatic shift in perceptions after an ING presentation. While only 25% of students report a “high” level of knowledge of Islam and Muslims before an ING presentation, this jumps to 62% after a presentation. Surveys also show a change in specific perceptions; for instance, those believing Muslims have “long been part of America” rises from 38% to 58%, while those who view Muslims as “Americans like myself” increases from 48% to 65%.

Over 90% of audiences of Interfaith Speakers
Bureau panels give us high marks


Interfaith Speakers Bureau panels made up a third of ING’s presentations, providing a live example of interfaith harmony. Over 90% of audience members rated interfaith panels “Excellent” or “Good.” As stated by a student following a panel: “I have come to realize that the majority of religious people seek only to make the world a better place the way they know how.”

93% of educators rate ING content
as “Excellent” or “Good”


ING content is designed to help fulfill state educational content standards in history and social studies. When asked if ING content and presentations were relevant and whether they “fulfilled what you hoped to convey to the audience”, 93% of educators thought that it did an “Excellent” or “Good” job.

96% of educators rated ING Speakers
highly effective at conveying content

effectiveness chart

ING’s speaker certification process is designed to ensure that speakers have both a mastery of content and the speaking skills needed to convey it effectively. Requesters’ evaluations of ING speakers reflect the success of our training and certification practices. 96% of respondents rated speaker effectiveness as “Excellent” or “Good”.

ING’s Future Initiatives 2014-2015

ING has three major new initiatives planned for 2014-2015: 1) An iPad app for educators that provides ING’s content and curriculum in an interactive format. 2) ING’s cultural diversity training for law enforcement agencies will be put online for wide distribution. 3) An ING youth program aimed at strengthening the identity of U.S. Muslim youth.

Read the entire Impact Report here.

ING donors, look for your hard copy of the report in the mail next week and remember to give generously during Ramadan. We cannot do what we do without your support.

Save the Date!
ING Ramadan Dinner
Sunday, July 13

usama dinnermahaboard

ING‘s annual Ramadan dinner will be on Sunday, July 13th at the Muslim Community Center in Pleasanton. The event will feature Bay Area scholar and activist Usama Canon and ING founder and trustee Maha Elgenaidi. They will discuss the important and timely topic of First Principles in Islam. To learn more or register see here.