ING Reaches Over 20,000 People in 2008-2009 Academic Year; 6/13/09

ING News & Information, 6/11/09

Mark Your Calendars

On Saturday, June 27th, ING will be hosting a new speaker training workshop for the Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB) from 9:30-2:30 pm at the ING office in San Jose.

Certified speakers deliver onsite presentations about Islam and Muslims at schools, universities, healthcare and law enforcement agencies, corporations and other public and private institutions. As an ISB speaker, you can join a 16-year old program to help promote a better understanding of American Muslims within our communities through education and inter-religious dialogue among people of all faiths and none. ISB speakers receive presentation materials developed by scholars, learn to speak about American Muslims for public audiences, and can improve their speaking skills in the process.

ING Condemns the Shooting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

ING, as an organization dedicated to fighting Islamophobia and all forms of bigotry, reaffirms its commitment to challenging all forms of religious and racial discrimination and hatred, including anti-Semitism. The hate and prejudice that inspires such actions violate all religious teachings and principles, as well as the principles of religious liberty upon which this country was founded. To this end ING provides interfaith panels on the topic of “Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia” with representatives from the Jewish and Muslim community.

ING Welcomes President Obama’s Speech in Cairo

ING welcomes a new course for relations between U.S. and Muslim communities as set out in President Obama’s landmark speech in Cairo. The tone and focus of the visit and speech is a breath of fresh air and gives promise to the vision and mission of ING’s work for the last 16 years, a world where people of all faiths and none are understood and respected and their contributions valued.

ING Reaches Over 20,000 People in 2008-2009 Academic Year

As the school year draws to an end and summer vacation begins, ING looks back on an eventful and busy year. It was also an exciting time with a historical presidency, and a time to reflect on true values as the economic situation worsens. Despite the downturn in the economy, ING finished the year with outreach numbers that exceeded last year’s presentations, with close to 600 presentations so far for the 2008-2009 academic year which reached approximately 21,000 people.

This increase in presentations was partly due to the rising number of requests for the Interfaith Speakers Bureau (IFSB) which was launched last year, but has increased to make up over a quarter of ING’s presentations. Because interfaith panels often address multiple classes through school assemblies, this resulted in a rise in the number of classrooms who heard an ING presentation. Presentations to adult audiences also increased, making up nearly half (44%) of ING’s presentations.

The break down by type of venue that ING addressed both through the ISB and IFSB included: 67% of ING’s presentations to academic institutions, including middle and high schools, colleges and universities at 172 different locations; 12% to faith-based organizations at 35 venues; 5% to community centers in 12 venues; and 5% cultural competency trainings to healthcare, teachers, law enforcement, corporations and others at 12 venues. ING also conducted 28 speakers’ trainings or meetings for both the ISB and IFSB. The majority of ING’s programs (64%) took place in either Santa Clara or Alameda county, followed by significant percentages in San Mateo and San Francisco counties. Four events took place outside of the Bay Area and 15 events outside of California.

Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB) Presentations

While the majority of the ISB presentations remained in the academic sector, there was a significant growth to other venues, including adult audiences outside of universities.

Highlights of Spring Semester ’09 ISB Presentations to Adult Audiences

Universities and Colleges


  • “Islamic Contributions to Civilization” for undergraduate students at Holy Names University, Oakland, on February 2nd.
  • “Getting to Know American Muslims” for Arabic class at Front Range Community College, on February 18th. “Healthcare for the Muslim Patient” training to medical students at Stanford University on March 6th.
  • “Getting to Know American Muslims” for a Western Religious Traditions class at San Jose State on April 13th. “Women in Islam” presentation and discussion for Women’s Studies class at St. Mary’s College on April 21st.
  • “Getting to Know American Muslims” for class at UC Santa Cruz on April 23rd.
  • “Women in Islam” presentation and discussion at UC Berkeley on April 23rd.


  • “Healthcare for the Muslim Patient” for nursing students at UCSF School of Nursing on January 27th.
  • “Healthcare for the Muslim Patient” for medical students at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco on April 23rd.


  • “Universal Declaration of Human Rights: What are Human Rights?” by Imam Faheem Shuaibe at Dominican School of Philosophy on February 5th.
  • “Getting to Know American Muslims” to World Religions class at UC Berkeley, February 9th.
  • Faith & Common Good lecture series panel at San Francisco Theological Seminary event on April 17th.
  • Panel on Faith and the Environment at Berkeley Buddhist Temple on April 19th.
  • “Getting to Know American Muslims” for religion class at Jesuit School of Theology/GTU on May 5th.
  • “Forming an Interfaith Coalition for Human Rights” sponsored by the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology on May 7th.
  • “Getting to Know American Muslims” for Christian ministry students at Ministry Training Center in Vacaville on May 12th.

Community Organizations

  • “Getting to Know American Muslims” to Helios Corner retirement home on February 10th and again “Women in Islam on March 17th.
  • “Understanding American Muslims” overview for members of American Leadership Forum (ALF) event on February 24.
  • “Islamic Contributions to Civilization” at Turkish Cultural Center in Texas on March 13th.
  • “Getting to Know American Muslims” at St. Martin of Tours church in San Jose on April 26th.
  • “Panel of Muslim Women University Graduates” sponsored by the American Association of University Women in Pleasanton on May 16th.

Interfaith Speakers Bureau (IFSB) Presentations

Interfaith panels are composed of either five faith panelists from the major world religions, or two faith (Islam and Judaism) panels addressing their specific religious tradition as well as current topics related to everyday life.

This program, although only a year old has generated an enthusiastic response, particularly from high schools where panels often dress multiple classes. This school year the IFSB delivered panels to 170 classrooms, which far surpassed the goal of 50 classrooms by 350%. Below are some highlights of the

Highlights of Spring Semester ’09 ISFB Panels

High Schools

  • Independence High School, San Jose, seven panels to a total of 53 classes including 5 Jewish/Muslim and 2 Buddhist/Muslim over the course of the day on January 26, which means that nearly 1600 students heard a panel.
  • Holy Names University, Oakland – Jewish/Muslim panel on February 25th.
  • Castro Valley High School – a total of 4 Jewish/Muslim panels over two days during Days of Diversity on March 12th and 13th.
  • Moreau Catholic High School – five-faith panel during an assembly attended by 43 classes for a total of nearly 1300 students.
  • Robeson School of the Arts – five-faith panel on “Shared Values” on May 15th.
  • Salinas High School – five faith panel on contemporary issues and the environment on May 27th.


  • San Jose State University – five-faith panel on “Living the Faith” on March 18th.
  • Los Medanos College – five-faith panel on “Shared Values” on April 28th.

Faith-based Community

  • Methodist Church – Jewish/Muslim panel discussing Abrahamic faiths, their traditions and similarities on May 15 and again on May 17th.

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