ING Receives Support For Its Work From Four Foundations: 2012

ING Receives Support For Its Work From Four Foundations

ING was recently awarded grants from the El-Hibri, Greve, San Francisco, and One Nation foundations that will focus on reversing negative stereotyping of and discrimination against American Muslims and American Muslim communities. The strategies for implementation will include interfaith dialogue and community service projects involving Muslim, Jewish, and Christian leaders and communities, as well as disseminating ING’s work nationwide through our existing and new Affiliates.

The El-Hibri Foundation grant partly funded the ING Affiliate Conference that took place on June 8-10 and will fund the start of a new Affiliate in the D.C.-Virginia region.

The Greve Foundation grant will fund initiatives addressing Islamophobia in the United States through public education campaigns about Muslims and their faith.

The San Francisco Foundation grant will focus on increasing the capacity of Bay Area Muslim organizations for service oriented projects through interfaith collaborations.

The One Nation grant will support Muslim organizations in a series of conversations between faith leaders of Muslims, Jews and Christians and prepare for collaboration by the three communities on large-scale community service projects.