ING Responds to Arrests in Miami

The Islamic Networks Group (ING) & its Affiliates congratulate law enforcement officials for their disruption of an alleged terror plot to bomb the Sears Tower and other buildings, while emphasizing the principle of innocence until proven guilty. If indeed they are found to be linked to Al-Qaeda, it is particularly ironic, since the main architect of the Sears Tower was a Muslim American, Fazlur Rehman Khan. We condemn their intended actions if proven to be true, and emphasize that they have absolutely nothing to do with Islamic teachings. On the contrary, such acts directly violate Islamic teachings which prohibit violence towards innocent civilians. The seven men arrested do not appear to have any ties to the Muslim American community. If they are Muslims, their alleged acts also violate the obligation of Muslims to abide by and uphold the laws and security of their country.

We urge the media to exercise restraint in their coverage of this case and urge continued diligence in reporting, including coverage of this event’s impact on the security of innocent Muslim Americans. We urge fellow Muslims to continue being vigilant and aware of criminal activity, and to assist the larger American community in proactively protecting the security of our country.

Contact: ING Spokesperson: Imran Maskatia (408) 431-0671. ING Office: 408-296-7312