ING Speakers Bureau Training Workshops in Dallas, Texas February 25-27; 2/24/11

02/24/11 – Today Muslims in the U.S. are enduring a wave of hostility and suspicion largely due to a rise in anti-Muslim rhetoric, fear- mongering and misrepresentation of Islam and Muslims. From the Park51 controversy and protests against proposed mosques across the country, to the planned Qur’an burning and continuous demonization of Muslim individuals and groups, Islamophobia has pervaded the media, politics, and the general culture in the U.S. The need for better education about Muslims is crucial. According to a 2010 Gallup Poll, 53% of Americans have an unfavorable view of Islam; 52% admit to feeling prejudice toward Muslims; 66% disagree that Muslims accept other religions; 68% disagree that Christians’ and Muslims’ religious beliefs are basically the same; and 81% disagree that most Muslims believe women and men should have equal rights. However this and other polls have indicated that perceptions about Islam improve by 50% if people have a personal relationship with a Muslim. The onus is upon Muslims to represent themselves rather than allowing others to misrepresent them. Each one of us can make a difference in changing perceptions to increase interreligious understanding and mutual respect among all Americans, and create a more harmonious society and world.

Here’s how you can be involved:

1. Attend ‘Meaningful Conversations’ Seminar – IANT
Friday, Feb 25 (7:30 PM)

The Meaningful Conversations model is an approach which the Islamic Speakers of Atlanta (an ING affiliate) pioneered two years ago to give Muslims the tools to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding.

What: Meaningful Conversations Workshop
Where: Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) 840 Abrams Road, Richardson, TX
When: Friday, February 25 (7:30 PM)

2. Become a Certified Speaker – ICI, Saturday
Feb 26 (9:30 AM to 4:00 PM)

Islamic Networks Group ( will provide a full day speaker training workshop to learn about First Amendment principles and how to present topics relating to Muslims in the context of social science and world history curriculum or cultural diversity programming.

What: Islamic Speakers Bureau Training
Where: Islamic Center of Irving (ICI) 2555 N. Esters Road, Irving, TX
When: Saturday, February 26 2011 (9:30 AM to 4:00 PM)


On Sunday, Feb 27, 2011, the speaker training workshop will focus on how to present topics relating to women in Islam. This training is open for all (both men and women are invited).

What: Women in Islam (Training)
Where: Islamic Center of Irving (ICI) 2555 N. Esters Road, Irving, TX
When: Sunday, February 27 2011 (11:00 AM to 2:00 PM)

3. Help Build and Volunteer Finally, we urge you, especially the youth (17 and up), to join the Islam Outreach Center to develop and nurture the Islamic Speaker’s Bureau (ISB) initiative in the DFW metroplex. 



  • ISB Dallas will be an affiliate of the Islamic Networks Group ( and will strive to increase interreligious understanding and mutual respect among all Americans.


Thank You

Syed Ali
IOC Coordinator


Trainer Profiles

Maha Elgenaidi
President and Executive Director
Maha is the founder of ING and author of training handbooks on outreach for American Muslims as well as training seminars for public institutions on developing cultural competency with the American Muslim community.

Amin Tomeh
Islamic Speakers Bureau, Atlanta GA
Amin Tomeh is a speaker and a board member of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta (ISB), an affiliate of ING. Over the past 5 years, Amin has presented “Getting to Know American Muslims and Islam” at schools, civic organizations and houses of worship.

  • ISB Dallas will utilize trained and certified speakers to deliver presentations and educational programs in various public settings.
  • ISB Dallas will provide content, materials and logistical support to speakers as needed.