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Buddhist Peacemakers Seek Justice for Myanmar Muslims


Over one hundred Buddhist teachers, citizens, and peacemakers, have signed a letter asking the President to highlight concern about the targeting of Muslims and the Rohingya people in a way that also respects Myanmar’s legacy of tolerance. There has been growing anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar, some of it encouraged by misguided Buddhist monks. President Obama will attend the gathering of ASEAN Nations in Myanmar on November 11-12. You can view the letter and sign it, at this link.

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Very Busy Time for Presentations at ING


ING finished another busy week with presentations to 24 classrooms or groups across the Bay Area to nearly 650 people. In the first two months of the school year, ING has provided presentations before 4500 students and adults in 122 groups.

These included a presentation to chaplains on Caring for Muslim Patients, Muslim Women Beyond the Stereotypes, Getting to Know American Muslims and their Faith, and an interfaith panel via webinar to a high school in Illinois featuring 6 interfaith speakers.

Additionally, ING speakers, Asma Ghori, Nora Talebi, Aisha Morgan, Naima Jameson, Maha Elgenaidi and Ameena Jandali delivered presentations on Exploring Muslim Traditions and Practices at middle schools in San Jose, Petaluma, Oakland, Campbell, and Danville.

Beginning in November and continuing through the end of the school year in 2015, ING already has 104 presentations scheduled for classrooms, health care and community organizations.



ING Speaker Ismael Nass Explains ISIS at Stanford University


On October 16, long time ING speaker Ismael Nass took part in a panel at Stanford “The State of Syria: A Teach-in about Assad, ISIS, Atrocity, and Political Dissent.”

Ismael focused on the topic of ISIS, describing a historical perspective towards extremism and citing the many ways that their actions counter Islamic teachings. See ING’s new answers to FAQs about ISIS.



ING Affiliate Participates in Minnesota Education Conference


For the 12th year in a row, Minnesota based Islamic Resource Group (IRG), an ING affiliate, took part in the Education Minnesota Professional Conference. IRG’s presence at this popular conference brings much needed resources on Islam and Muslims to educators. Through its sustained presence at the conference, IRG has built long-term relationships with many schools and educators.



Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona Celebrates 15th Anniversary


The Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona, an ING affiliate, celebrated its 15th anniversary last weekend. Among the keynote speakers was the founder of ING’s Minnesota affiliate, the Islamic Resource Group, Zafar Siddiqui, shown here with ISB Arizona’s founder and director Azra Hussain.