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  • ING President Selected as Chair of Peace Building Committee of Santa Clara County, ongoing
  • ING in Dialogue with the Jewish Community Relations Council – East Bay, ongoing
  • ING Speaker Joins PUC Panel About God & Human Suffering, 1/26
  • ING Trainers Present to Stanford School of Medicine, 1/31

Upcoming Events:
ING Trainings: Saturday, February 11th in San Francisco and Saturday, March 4th in Santa Clara. ING events can be found at

ING President Selected as Chair of Peace Building Committee of Santa Clara County, ongoing

ING’s president, Maha ElGenaidi was recently selected to chair the Peace Building Committee of Santa Clara County. This was formed as a standing committee of the Santa Clara County Human Relations Commission, which Maha has been a commissioner on for the last 5 years. She was chosen for this new task based on her track record of mediating conflicts and building bridges between communities, and it is significant that a Muslim was chosen for this new and important initiative.

ING in Collaboration with the Jewish Community Relations Council – East Bay

In response to an invitation to partner with leaders of the Jewish Community Relations Council of the East Bay, six ING board members & volunteers met with JCRC representatives on Wednesday, January 11th to discuss possible projects for collaboration. The meeting was very positive, with the exchange of ideas on come of the initiatives ING and the JCRC might work together on, including working together to challenge intolerance and bigotry. ING will be meeting monthly with JCRC members to discuss and work on collaborative efforts and hope that this initiative will be duplicated throughout the country through JCRC and ING Affiliates as well as between other mainstream Muslim and Jewish groups.

ING Speaker on Panel at PUC About God & Human Suffering, 1/26

A senior ING speaker joined a panel of representatives from various faith communities to address a forum at Pacific Union College in Angwin, California dealing with the topic of God and Human Suffering. The forum was attended by over 60 students and faculty from the Seventh Day Adventist college, and was received with interest and numerous questions for the panelists. Representatives from each faith were asked to summarize their faith and then respond to questions dealing with the question of why God allows for tragedies and human suffering. This topic is timely with the recent natural tragedies of the South Asian Tsunami, Katrina, and earthquake in Pakistan, and led to a lively discussion about the nature of God’s rule, decree, and the nature of good and evil.

ING Trainers Present to Stanford School of Medicine, 1/31

Two senior ING trainers delivered a presentation on Women’s Health as it relates specifically to Muslim women to a group of students at Stanford’s School of Medicine. One of the presenters is an OB/GYN herself, which added extra value to the presentation and the level of detail about specific medical issues relating to women’s health. Health care professionals are also impressed to see Muslim women in the field of medicine, and since many of their questions relate to their perception that Muslim women are oppressed, or treated as second class citizens, it is important for women to demonstrate that, on the contrary, Muslim women are highly educated and capable.

ING receives numerous requests from health care providers around the Bay Area and the country due to the recent interest in cultural competency in the health care profession, and the growing number of Muslim patients being treated. ING also delivers presentations to mental health and social service providers.

February 11th, 2006 in San Francisco OR March 4th, 2006 in Santa Clara,

ING’s Winter Speakers’ Training Program: “Presenting Islam in Schools & Other Public Institutions”

Training in San Francisco: Sponsored by ISSF Saturday, February 11th from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Islamic Society of San Francisco (ISSF)
20 Jones Street (Jones & Market), San Francisco

Training in South Bay: Sponsored by MCA
Saturday, March 4th from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Muslim Community Association (MCA)
3003 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara

Highlights of the training include:

  • A Demo of a Live Presentation
  • Introductions to some of the ING Presentations for Schools: “Islamic Contributions to Civilizations” & “Roots of Islam in America”
  • Introductions to ING Presentations for faith based groups, corporations, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies
  • First Amendment Center Guidelines for Speaking About Islam in the Public Square
  • Training on How to Answer “Frequently Asked Questions” (100+)
  • Speaker’s Tips & Use of Visual Aids

Maha ElGenaidi, Ameena Jandali, Fouzi Husaini, Imran Maskatia & Tamer Abdul-Rahim

Cost: $25.00 / Attendee (Cost includes training manual and lunch)

Register online:
February 11th training in San Francisco at:
or March 4th training in Santa Clara at:

For more information, contact Ateka Ali ([email protected]) or Bushra Khan ([email protected]) at ING: 408-296-7312.