ING Welcomes New Team Members

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ING Welcomes New Team Members 

Aisha Jill Morgan & Rehmat Kharal

In response to increasing demands for our content and programs from all across the country, ING is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to our team, both of whom have been ING speakers for twelve years combined.

We are happy to welcome Aisha Jill Morgan as our Education Manager, a newly created position that oversees cultural diversity education and expansion of educational programs nationwide. We are also pleased to welcome Rehmat Kharal as our new Development Manager who will be working with the directors and trustees to create a new Development department in the organization. You can learn more about them and the whole ING team on our staff page .

ING will soon be posting two new positions as follows:
– Office Manager
– Youth Programs Director, for a newly created department

Look for these job descriptions which will be posted on our website and listserv.