[email protected], Microsoft and Yahoo!

Employee Matching Gift Programs Enable ING Supporters To Double the Impact of Their Ramadan Contributions

ING Is Registered With Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! Employee Matching Gift Programs

Find Out If Your Company Will Match Your Gifts to ING This Ramadan

Your employer may match your  tax deductible contributions to Islamic Networks Group (ING). Many companies have employee matching gifts programs, where they match employee contributions to eligible nonprofits, such as ING, dollar-for-dollar.

Ramadan is always a blessed time to give. This Ramadan, ING is making a special appeal to support our national expansion. We plan to bring our educational programs that overcome stereotypes and support First Amendment religious liberties to states around the country.

ING is registered with employee matching gifts programs at Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!

If you work for another company that may have an employee matching gifts program, please contact your HR department to see if ING is already registered. If not, please contact us and we’ll work with you to get ING registered by contacting ING’s  fund development manager, Jason Van Boom at [email protected].

ING is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization that serves the general public. We meet almost all companies’ eligibility requirements. ING is also an accredited charity of the Better Business Bureau.