ING'S Muslim Mental Health Training

On Wednesday, November 8th, an ING trainer conducted an orientation on Islam and Muslim culture for a group of mental health care professionals at the Annual California Department of Mental Health conference titled, “Eliminating Disparities – Achieving Efficient, Effective and Equitable Care.” Joining Nabila Mango, who is a Muslim mental health care social worker in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, the ING speaker participated in a workshop titled, “Mental Health Care for Muslim Patients.” As increasing numbers of Muslims are afflicted by mental illnesses, there is a growing interest in the greater health community in understanding and better serving the Muslim community. For that reason, ING recently developed a 4-6 hour training for mental health professionals titled, “Cultural Competency: Mental Health Care of Muslims.” The training was developed in cooperation with Muslim psychologists and psychiatrists associated with the Muslim Mental Health Institute in NY. This presentation along with two other ING healthcare presentations for general practitioners and OB-GYN physicians on women’s health care will be available on CDs in the near future. Those presentations are currently available through ING affiliated speakers bureaus around the country.

ING President Initiates a Speakers Bureau in Raleigh, North Carolina, 11/09-11/12/06

ING’s president Maha Elgenaidi initiated an affiliated speakers’ bureau in North Carolina in a whirlwind sequence of speeches and trainings in the Raleigh area during the long weekend last week. The series of events began with training on Thursday evening that was jointly sponsored by the MSAs at North Carolina State, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina. The focus of the training which was attended by 15 student leaders was “Building Bridges between Muslim Americans and Americans of Other Faiths on College Campus.”

The next day, on Friday she conducted a Coordinator’s Training for the Miriam Clinic board of directors who are operating the speakers’ bureau. In the evening, she spoke in a Family Night program at the Islamic Association of Raleigh on the topic of “The Power of One: Influencing Perceptions about Islam & Muslims”.

The following day, on Saturday, she conducted a day long Speakers Training for potential speakers in the area that was attended by 60 trainees. And finally, on Sunday morning before flying back to California, Maha was joined by a local Muslim physician from the Miriam Clinic to conduct a training on Healthcare for Muslim patients that was attended by various Muslim and non Muslim medical professionals.

We’re looking forward to working with the Raleigh community in promoting interfaith dialogue and educational outreach.

ING Speaker Addresses UC Berkeley Students on topic of Women in Islam, 11/14/06

In two separate events on 11/14, an ING speaker addressed the topic of Women in Islam. The first was to a Berkeley class on Islam where she gave an overview of the rights and responsibilities of women in Islam. The second was a panel with three other Muslim women speaking about their personal experiences as Muslim women in America. Following a brief introduction, the panel opened up to questions from the audience. Much of the discussion and ensuing questions revolved around the topic of hijab and its purpose, whether it is oppressive or liberating, and some of the challenges faced by women in hijab. In light of recent comments by governmental leaders in Britain, and incidents in Europe and here in the Bay Area in recent weeks and months, the topic of hijab has taken center stage in discussions of Islam, and the question of assimilation. It is now more important than ever to have well spoken Muslim women who can counteract the multitude of stereotypes and misconceptions, including both women in hijab and without, a reflection of the reality of the Muslim community in America, which is far from monolithic. If you’re interested in joining ING’s speakers’ bureaus, please contact Halima Albers at ING, by writing to [email protected]

ING Speaker Addresses Pebble Beach/Pacific Grove Rotary Club, 11/14/06

An ING speaker addressed an audience of 40+ distinguished members of the Pebble Beach/Pacific Grove Rotary Club on Tuesday, November 14 at their monthly luncheon which is held at the beautiful and scenic Spanish Bay Inn restaurant, Peppoli’s. The topic centered on the nature of Islam vis-à-vis terrorism and violence by Muslim extremists. Questions were asked about sectarian fighting in Iraq, conflict in Darfur, demographics of Muslims here in the US versus those in Europe, and other frequently asked questions in our typical presentations. At the end of the program, an audience member commented that “what you [ING speaker] did with us today was worth more to me than the number of books I’ve read about your religion. You helped me make sense of your community. I hope you continue to reach out as you’ve done today.” We agree!

ING Speaker Participates in Interfaith Conference at the Presidio, 11/14/06

Also on Tuesday, November 14, an ING speaker participated in an interfaith event hosted by the Main Post Presidio Chapel in San Francisco. The event included religious leaders from several faith communities including Jewish, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Wiccan and others discussing ING’s growing involvement in interfaith work through our partnership with the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), Interfaith Seminars ING is initiating in San Mateo county through a grant from the Peninsula Community Foundation, and membership in interfaith organizations throughout the Bay Area. Mostly, the audience was interested about Islam’s view of other religions which the ING speaker addressed through ING’s presentation titled, “Islam’s View on Pluralism.”

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Dr. Sherman Jackson
Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Michigan, and author of several books including “Islam and the Blackamerican: Looking towards the Third Resurrection.”

Imam Faheem Shuaibe
Resident Scholar of Waritheen Mosque, Director of the Clara Mohammed School, and author of several books as well as hundreds of recorded lectures covering a wide spectrum of topics.

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