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October 14, 2022

October is Bullying Prevention Month, which is a month-long occasion to focus on preventing bullying and promoting kindness and inclusion.

Did you know that Muslim students experience bullying rates at twice the national average?

A 2022 ISPU survey found that 48% of Muslim families say their child was bullied for their faith. A 2021 CAIR report in California found that 56% of Muslim students felt unsafe, unwelcome, or uncomfortable at school because of their faith. At ING we have long focused on education and engagement as means of preventing bias and bullying. To empower and equip Muslim teenage students to overcome Islamophobia, we have created and recently launched a new website that caters to their needs:

Tools for Muslim Teen Students to Combat Bullying

Be An Upstander for Yourself and Others

-Know your rights as well as your responsibilities at school. Watch the training video titled “Students Rights and Responsibilities” to review basic rights that all students should have in order to experience a safe and inclusive learning environment.

-Respond to bullying when it happens to you or to others. Watch the training video titled “Responding to Bullying” to learn how to identify bullying as well as different strategies to respond to bullying when you experience or witness it.

Prevent Bullying by Teaching Others About Muslims:

We also provide the following additional tools for Muslim teens:

Presentations about Islam and Muslims on different topics including women, contributions and history, which you can project to a screen from your smart phone.

Answers for teens on Frequently Asked Questions about Islam and Muslims.

The following training videos were developed to help you in your presentation skills: “Framework for Educating about Muslims and Islam” and “Presentation Skills.”

If you are a teacher or parent, feel free to share this website with students in grades 5-12, even if they are not Muslim. They can also learn from our resources for Muslim students how to prevent and respond to bullying. We welcome your feedback at [email protected].

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