INGYouth Workshops in Ohio and California


December INGYouth Workshops in
Dayton, Ohio and Fremont, California

Students age 11 through 22 as well as their parents are invited to join us at our upcoming INGYouth workshops.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Islamophobia, its consequences on the school environment and what to do about it.
  • Addressing difficult questions about current events concerning Islam and Muslims.
  • What if you’re asked to present in your school, how do you do it, and what tools are available to you.

Women’s Dialogue: The Faith Club

Rabbi Melanie Aron and ING founder Maha Elgenaidi spoke at this year’s Interfaith Women’s Dialogue Luncheon. The event brought over a hundred Christian, Muslim, and Jewish women together for a discussion of the book The Faith Club by Suzanne Oliver, Ranya Idliby, and Priscilla Warner, about the effort of these women to meet and talk through issues of life and faith.


ING Speakers Crisscross the Bay Area, Speaking
to Hundreds of Students and Faith Communities

ING finished another busy week with presentations across the Bay Area in middle and high schools as well as universities and temples to audiences of over 900 people. Two full interfaith panels presented on the topic of Living the Faith at both San Jose State University and the University of Santa Cruz and a third panel composed of four faith practitioners presented on Shared Values at a Livermore high school. Ismael Nass explained the difference between ISIS and traditional Islam at Santa Clara University. ING speakers also delivered Getting to Know American Muslims and their Faith and Exploring Muslim Traditions and Practices presentations at Bay Area middle and high schools. Ameena Jandali spoke on an interfaith panel about the Economic Crisis and People’s Lives at the Berkeley Buddhist Temple.


ING’s CEO Honored at Muslim
Coalition of Connecticut Banquet

The Muslim Coalition of Connecticut, a state coalition of mosques and Muslim nonprofit organizations, recognized ING and its CEO, Maha Elgenaidi, at their annual banquet for her leadership in fostering diversity awareness. Attending the event were state senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, as well as Dalia Mogahed, Institute for Social Policy and Understanding Research Director, and Dr. Feryal Salem, Professor of Islamic Scriptures and Law at Hartford Seminary.


Abdelkader Education Project
Global Leadership Essay Contest

The Abdelkader Education Project is a worldwide movement to revive the legacy of Emir Abd el-Kader, an Algerian leader and hero. The project’s goal is to restore the historical memory of a remarkable human being whose importance today is greater than ever. ING is proud to partner with the Abdelkader Education Project as we prepare to release a new curriculum about Abd el-Kader and the model of ethics, pluralism, and moderation that he embodied.

Students at U.S. high schools and colleges are invited to enter the Abdelkader Education Project’s seventh annual essay contest. Essays are due before April 15, 2015. To learn more see: