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March 28, 2021

Salam alaykum/greetings of peace:

I hope this note finds you in the best of health and spirit. Our warm greetings today for Mid-Sha’ban, Passover, Palm Sunday, and Holi to all our friends. Please find below two recent webinars I co-moderated on Muslim American women professionals as religious leaders and non-profit managers. In preparation for Ramadan, which will start on April 13, we’re holding three webinars next week for students, educators and essential workers. And don’t miss our Virtual Interfaith Iftar (Ramadan breaking of the fast) this year with Muslims and their neighbors. Details below. Thank you so much for your support.

Tabassum Haleem
Chief Executive Officer

Muslim Women Chaplains

Uplifting the Importance of Women’s Religious Leadership in the Muslim American Community

Muslim women are the pillars of thriving communities, occupying both leadership roles and supporting projects behind the scenes. Muslim women chaplains fill a religious and spiritual need for their communities, working in non-faith based spaces to support Muslims in colleges, healthcare, and in many other sectors. In honor of Women’s History Month, we held a conversation with a diverse panel of women chaplains about their important work, how their religious leadership serves the Muslim American community, and what lessons we can all learn from their experiences. The event can be viewed here: Facebook or YouTube.


  • Nisa Muhammad, Chaplain, Howard University
  • Sondos Kholaki, Chaplain, Hoag Hospital
  • Amira Quraishi, Chaplain, Wellesley College


  • Shakila Ahmed, Trustee, Islamic Networks Group (ING)
  • Tabassum Haleem, CEO, Islamic Networks Group (ING)

Women Leaders At Chicago Non-Profits

ING CEO Tabassum Haleem was honored to moderate a session on Women Leaders in Nonprofits as part of a series on Muslim Women in Leadership held by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC). The event can be viewed on YouTube here.


  • Alma Campos, Founding Member, Ojala Foundation
  • Arshia Wajid, Founder and Director of Development, American Muslim Health Professionals
  • Donna Demi, Co-Founder, Zakat Foundation of America
  • Itedal Shalabi, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Arab American Family Services
  • Joohi Tahir, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Muhsen
  • Suzanne Akhras Sahloul, Board Member, CIOGC
  • Dr. Rohany Nayan, Education Coordinator, CMGT

Join us for a virtual Interfaith Iftar, Wednesday, April 21

Ramadan as a Celebration of Compassion and Unity

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan reminds all of us who are living through these increasingly polarized and economically challenging times about the universal value of showing compassion to all creation, and particularly to those who are most vulnerable in our communities. In honor of this heightened spiritual season, ING and Pacifica Institute invite people of all and no faiths to join us as we listen to local Muslim and interfaith speakers discuss the many lessons of Ramadan, including the importance of being charitable and especially generous with those in need, and how these injunctions are particularly relevant during this challenging time. Register here to join us on Wednesday, April 21st from 7:00 – 8:00pm PDT.

Join Us In Preparation for Ramadan

March 30th, March 31st, April 1st

Tuesday, March 30th: Muslim Teens Speak: Balancing School, Ramadan, and COVID-19 

Students have faced untold challenges switching to fully remote learning in the last year. As we approach Ramadan, which begins this year on Tuesday, April 13, while many schools are still social distancing and others are beginning to open, Muslim students may experience additional strain on their attention and mental health. To address these needs, ING invites parents and educators of Muslim students to join a special webinar where we will hear from Muslim teens directly on what they have been experiencing, and how they can be best supported while balancing school, social distancing, and fasting. Register here to join us on Tuesday, March 30th from 4:00 – 5:00pm PST.


  • Humza, INGYouth Speaker
  • Raza, INGYouth Speaker
  • Soha, INGYouth Speaker
  • Omar, INGYouth Speaker


  • Ishaq Pathan, ING Bay Area Director

Wednesday, March 31st: Supporting Muslim Essential Workers During Ramadan

Essential workers have been on the frontlines of providing critical services to communities across the country, including Muslim doctors, police officers, teachers, and frontline workers. It is through their courage and dedication that the rest of society has been able to quarantine safely. As we approach the second Ramadan while social distancing, ING invites you to join us in conversation with Muslim essential workers from various sectors to discuss their experiences, and how the public can support them through the most important spiritual time for Muslims. Register here to join us on Wednesday, March 31st from 12:00 – 1:00pm PST.


  • Dr. Hasan Shanawani, Board Chairman, American Muslim Health Professionals
  • Yousef Shansab, Commander, Union City Police Department
  • Hazem Tabahi, Vice-President, Pita Inn Chain in Chicago Area


  • Rahimeh Ramezany, ING Program Manager

Thursday, April 1st: Ramadan Inclusion: How Educators Can Accommodate Their Muslim Students During the Spiritual Season

Educators have their work cut out for them balancing the needs of all their diverse students, and this is the case more than ever as we enter the one-year anniversary of social distancing safety measures. For educators who have Muslim students in their classrooms, they may understand the importance of Ramadan, but may not feel equipped to properly support students participating in fasting and other special rituals of the month.

Join ING for a conversation, as our speakers discuss the challenges Muslim students may face while fasting, and best practices for parents and educators during the month of Ramadan. Register here to join us on Thursday, April 1st from 4:00 – 5:00pm PST. Panelists:

  • Tony Thurmond, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Brisa Camacho-Lovell, ING Bay Area Board Member & Educator
  • Ishaq Pathan, ING Bay Area Director


  • Tabassum Haleem, ING CEO