Interfaith Speakers Bureau


Initiated in 2007, the Interfaith Speakers Bureau (IFSB), is both a natural outgrowth of the interfaith friendships and connections the organization has built in the course of its work and a recognition that the acceptance of Islam and Muslims is intimately related to the degree to which our society accepts and welcomes cultural and religious diversity and pluralism in general. The Interfaith Speakers Bureau extends ING’s outreach efforts to build bridges among religious communities and enhance religious literacy and mutual respect.

Schedule an Interfaith Panel

Learn more about the variety of panels we offer as well as begin the scheduling process. Please allow two weeks advance notice for scheduling, and at least 60 minutes for a panel that includes time for questions and answers.

Join the Interfaith Speakers Bureau

If you have an interest in educating diverse audiences (from schools to colleges to interfaith groups) about your faith, ING is the right vehicle for doing so. We seek to educate in a neutral manner about the five main religions for the goal of promoting mutual understanding and respect. The Interfaith Speakers Bureau currently includes representatives of the Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu religions.

Current ING Speakers

Learn more about our 40 + certified speakers who represent the five major world religious traditions.