Intra-Muslim Racism

August 27, 2020

Salams/Greetings of peace:

It’s hard for a community that feels under siege due to Islamophobia to admit it that has a problem with racism and bigotry within its ranks. It is a difficult but necessary task. Such a community must be united to have an effective response to bigotry directed against it especially when the vast majority of its members are considered people of color, or non-white. As we all have seen in recent months, in the U.S., racism is the major obstacle to unity. That’s why as founder and executive director of Islamic Networks Group (ING), I felt compelled to develop a webinar series on intra-Muslim racism titled, Educating Ourselves: Expanding the Muslim American Experience Beyond the Immigrant Story.

The fourth segment was held last night on Wednesday August 26th, which you may view 

&extid=2Y7MFjUFDNfFI3Ce" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">here. You may also read my latest blog post which suggests survey questions to determine the level of intra-Muslim racism in your local Muslim community.

Don’t miss our final part of the series on Wednesday September 9th on Calls to Action- Countering Internalized Racism, where we will be joined by Imams Zaid Shakir, Faheem Shuaibe, Abu-Qadir Al-Amin, Muhammad Ali, and Dr. Jamilla Karim and Dr. Mansa Bilal King and the ING team.

Register here.

Maha Elgenaidi
Founder and Executive Director
Islamic Networks Group (ING)
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