Invest in your children by investing in ING

In these final blessed days of Ramadan, take advantage of the opportunities that the present moment offers. As our situation in the face of rampant Islamophobia is virtually without precedent, so must be our response.

We count on you to help us work even more powerfully and effectively to combat hate and bigotry for an America that values diversity, inclusion and pluralism.

Invest in ING’s endowment today. Our endowment principal is kept in perpetuity, and only funds earned from halal investments are used to support ING operations and programs.

Every donor of $100 or more will be named an Endowment Founder. Please join us in building a stable financial base to ensure that our children live in a world of intercultural understanding, mutual respect, and peace.


I would also like to extend my deepest appreciation to all those who already responded to our Ramadan Drive. You may catch up on our news by clicking on the notes below:  

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