Javed Patel’s 20th Anniversary Gala Speech

ING’s 20th Anniversary Gala
Trustees Co-Chair Javed Patel’s Opening Remarks

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Assalam alaykum and good evening. Thank you for being here tonight and joining us to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ING.

ING’s mission is to educate – educate Americans at the grassroots level about the lived realities of Islam and Muslims in America, and thereby eliminate the misinformation and ignorance that exists out there. As we all know ignorance is what breeds bias, prejudice and hatred.

Because of your generosity, over the last 20 years ING has educated and reached over one million Americans – this has covered folks from all walks of life including educators, schoolchildren, law enforcement officials, corporations, and hospitals.

We certainly couldn’t have done this without the support of friends like you. I’m sure you would all agree that we have a lot more educating to do, and I feel it is more critical and sorely needed today than ever before in our history.

I would like all of us to make a commitment here tonight to reach at least another million people not in the next 20 years – but in the next five years or perhaps less. This community has been very supportive and generous in the past and Insha’Allah we are counting on your continued support and generosity going forward.

We need to support ING’s unique mission for the sake of our children – I believe ING’s mission which helps to combat the relentless negative portrayal of Islam and Muslims in America, is essential to ensuring that our next generation is proud of its Muslim heritage and identity. In fact, it is for this very reason that my wife and I have been strong supporters of ING for the past 7 years.

Finally, I would like to appeal to each of you to dig deep into your hearts and reflect throughout the evening on the work of ING and confirm for yourself how essential it is—once again please donate generously to help us expand and accelerate the reach of ING. Our goal tonight is to raise at least $250,000; my hope is we can exceed that. So everyone please sit back and enjoy the evening and keep those checks coming!

Thank you!