Live Panels & Lesson Plans on Teaching Tolerance

January 18, 2021

Bring Subject Matter to Life and Enhance Your Curriculum

As our nation heals and recovers from the pandemic this year, we are excited to bring you a rich and diverse array of FREE panels and online curricula to help counter racism and bigotry and forge greater tolerance and understanding in your classroom and school.

Live Panel of Speakers Addressing the Roots of Racism

Consisting of speakers who represent Indigenous Peoples, as well as African American, Latinx, Asian, Middle Eastern, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu American communities, this live (online) panel addresses the history and origins of dominant narratives, the process of racialization that leads to implicit bias and racism, and the various ways they continue to manifest in society today. The panel concludes with individual and collective actions for countering racism. Allow for at least 55 minutes. Schedule a panel here.

Anti-Racism Curriculum

We are excited to offer this newly released curriculum that supplements courses on ethnic studies, American history, world history, current events, government, civics and religion, and covers the following groups: Indigenous Peoples and African American, Latinx, Asian, Middle Eastern, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu American communities. Download lesson plans here.

Also available to supplement this curriculum is a live panel presentation (see lesson plan #10) that educators can schedule free of charge here.

Teaching About Islamophobia

To teach specifically about anti-Muslim bigotry we offer a PowerPoint and detailed scripts that describe Islamophobia’s origins, how it is disseminated, its impact, and how to counter it. View the lesson here. Speakers are also available to present on the topic by scheduling an online presentation here.

Countering Islamophobia for Educators

The California Department of Education convened a webinar with two of ING’s speakers on January 12th, 2021 titled Understanding and Countering Islamophobia. The webinar was part of a virtual classroom series on education to end hate. View here.

Online Educator Resources

ING provides a variety of other educator resources, including Muslim speakers and interfaith panels addressing a variety of topics and related curriculum here.