Meet Our Incredible Interns

You may have seen ING recruiting interns earlier this year. After sifting through many outstanding applications, we selected five young people to provide much-needed support and expertise to the INGYouth and INGInterfaith programs. Interfaith Coordinator Kate Chance said, “We’re so excited to have such a great group of young people helping out. Sometimes our work is a pretty heavy lift, and having them here brimming with enthusiasm about every task and opportunity is incredibly refreshing!”

ING internships offer a variety of opportunities to learn about the different functions involved in managing and operating a non-profit organization. Interns gain knowledge related to raising religious literacy and cultural awareness in our communities through ING’s educational programs and presentations. And while in previous years we’ve selected college and graduate students to do this work, for Summer 2017 we chose high school students to more closely match our audiences for INGYouth and INGInterfaith.

We’re excited to introduce you to our new interns, and we look forward to sharing their completed projects with you this fall!

Sarim (INGYouth): Sarim is a sophomore. If he isn’t reading up about the latest 49ers news he is either watching Shark Tank or playing football. He has high charisma and hopes to be a world leader one day.

I joined ING simply because I wanted to be able to work with other people of other beliefs and work to build better bonds with people in my community, and ING gives me the opportunity to do that.

Soha (INGYouth): Soha is a sophomore. Her favorite things to do in her free time are read and play tennis. She loves cats and hopes to be an astrophysicist and/or activist.

I took this internship to develop better relationships between faiths, and to help learn how to resolve serious issues in our community. ING offers me a great opportunity and I am excited to be working with this team.

Tuvya (INGInterfaith): Tuvya is a junior. He is also a nerd unhealthily obsessed with geography, history, and sabermetrics. He enjoys talking to and learning from people with different perspectives and opinions.

There aren’t many places where, as a high school intern, I can both express my Jewish faith and learn about other religions while making a tangible difference in the world. ING is one of those places, and I’m thrilled to be here.

Salma (INGInterfaith): Salma is a sophomore. She enjoys reading, writing, and ice skating. When she grows up she hopes to be a politician to help shape the Muslim American Community.

I am hoping to gain the skillset to become a strong female Muslim leader and work with others outside my community.

Omar (INGYouth): Omar is a junior. When he isn’t glued to his viewfinder, you’ll find him fencing, debating, dreaming about exotic places, and trying very hard not to procrastinate on his assignments.

I’m excited to collaborate with people of different cultures and faiths to cultivate understanding between communities, facilitate tolerance, and work toward a more united America.