Meet some of the ING speakers, and consider becoming one

Meet some of ING’s Speakers, and consider becoming one of them


A sampling of Speakers from the Islamic
Speakers Bureau and Interfaith Speakers Bureau


ING’s speakers represent five different faiths and multiple backgrounds. Meet some of them here . They are dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and respect through education and interreligious engagement. If you enjoy speaking about your faith tradition, you could be part of this special group of people. To learn more about joining the Islamic Speakers Bureau visit here. To learn more about the joining the Interfaith Speakers Bureau visit here. To apply to become an ING speaker visit here.


ING Conducts Webinar for Wachusett, MA School District Administrators


ING conducted a webinar for principals and other administrators in the Wachusett School District in Massachusetts early Thursday morning on April 3rd. The webinar, titled Understanding Muslim Students: Fostering an Inclusive Environment provided a brief overview of Muslim students and some of the specific challenges they face in school as well as resources for teaching about Muslims and their faith. To request an online or live presentation on Muslim students, visit here .


ING Speaker Nora Talebi Conducts Q&A Session for Carondelet High School


NoraING speaker Nora Talebi conducted 4 sessions about Muslims at Carondelet High School in Concord on Tuesday, April 1st. The interactive sessions at the all-girl private Catholic school focused on a variety of issues, but mainly women’s issues in Muslim cultures. To request a seminar for your classroom, contact [email protected]


ING’s Atlanta Affiliate Launches The 100 Influential Georgia Muslims Project


The 100 Influential Georgia Muslims
project was launched by ING’s Atlanta Affiliate to honor Georgia leaders who happen to be Muslim for their extraordinary impact. The website invites Georgians to nominate Muslims who “have a positive impact on their organizations, community, and the world.” Learn more here

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