Merry Christmas to All Those Celebrating

ING Wishes a Merry Christmas to All Those Celebrating

Salam alaikum/Greetings of peace,

As we enter the holiday season we would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas to all those celebrating!

For Christians, the Christmas holiday centers around Jesus, who is also greatly revered in Islamic tradition as a respected prophet and messenger. The Qur’an tells the story of his miraculous birth, his many miracles, and the high station of his mother Mary:

And the angels said, “O Mary, God has chosen you and purified you, chosen you above the women of all people.” (Quran: 3:42)

The angels said, “O Mary, God gives you good news of a word from God, named the Messiah, Jesus, Son of Mary, honored in this world and the hereafter and among those near to God. He will speak to the people in the cradle and in maturity and will be of the righteous.” (Qur’an: 3:45-46)

In this troubled time the Nativity story is a poignant reminder of the current challenges suffered by millions of refugees and migrants fleeing danger and searching for safety and security. We pray for a time of peace when no child suffers from fear, hunger, or homelessness.

At ING, we’re renewing our commitment to peacemaking through interfaith education and engagement. We hope that the coming year brings you many blessings and a new birth of hope.

Wishing you a restful, enjoyable and safe holiday season!

The ING Team