Muslim parents, I urge you to attend this workshop



I urge you to attend this workshop

According to surveys and based on our participation in conferences at the White House and federal Department of Education, as well as our personal experiences and that of imams training Muslim youth, fifty to seventy percent of Muslim students in K-12 schools are daily victims of teasing and harassment due to their religion or ethnic background. We also know that teachers welcome the type of educational material and speakers which ING provides to schools that supplement education about Islam and Muslims in the context of world history and social studies, which we deliver with our allies in the Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist communities.

How can we ensure that our youth are equipped to address and respond to negative news coverage about Islam while maintaining a positive attitude and confident self-identity? How do we help them prevent or respond to teasing and harassment, and sometimes bullying? I urge you to attend the upcoming INGYouth workshops for middle and high school students as well as their parents.

Parents attending a recent workshop said, “I learned how to be an informed, engaged, proactive, and understanding Muslim parent.”

Space still available at our January 31st INGYouth Workshops in San Jose, CA and Longwood, Florida

Workshops are for students age 11 through 22 and their parents.

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