Our Goals in 2022

Will you join us in 2022?

First, let me wish a Merry Christmas to our Christian brothers and sisters.

Based on our annual joint Board and Staff retreat which was held on November 11-13 in San Jose, CA, our strategic goals for 2022 and beyond include the following:

  1. Continue to increase the organization’s capacity for broader reach of our programs
  2. Solidify our unique role as the trusted, go-to organization for interreligious, intercultural, and Islamic literacy and engagement programs for public institutions and community organizations
  3. Ensure the sustainability of the organization for future generations

We are working harder than ever to combat anti-Muslim bigotry while working alongside our partners and allies in the Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, African American, Asian American, Indigenous Peoples, Hispanic/Latinx communities because we know that:

  • We can’t overcome bigotry against one community without overcoming bigotry against all.
  • We’re a nation that is only as strong as our most marginalized communities.

Join us in our effort to build a more inclusive and equitable nation.

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