Peace and Blessings for the New Year

We enter this new year with hope for our world and our country, for greater peace and justice, a hope that will not disappoint, for it is founded on our faith and hope in God. Whatever the difficulties, whatever the setbacks and disappointments that we may face in the coming year, we know from all of our various traditions that the light, life, and love that come from the Divine will ultimately win out.

At ING, we look forward to expanding our work for peace and understanding among all people in our country and the world, building on our successes in the past year, on the new ventures we have launched, and on the deepened urgency that most Americans now feel towards building bridges among the diverse racial, ethnic, and religious communities that make up our country.

We will move forward with the firm conviction that this diversity, including our diversity in religions and worldviews, is a unique source of strength for our nation and our world. With our faith in the Divine, in all the various ways we may understand it, to guide us and reinforce our hope, we invite you to join us for a year of building peace.

ING Team