Peace is inevitable, but only with vision and hard work

unionvigilMuslims and Parisians gathered at a candlelight vigil in San Francisco’s Union Square

Together We Can And Will Overcome

It would be an understatement to say that the events of last week have been trying and shocking for all of us. The Paris attacks, which follow a stream of other violent attacks elsewhere, underscore the urgency for all of us to increase our efforts towards outreach and understanding, wherever we reside, and show why ING’s work in education and interfaith engagement is more important now than ever. The attacks and their aftermath have clearly shown how much more Western Muslims need to do both to educate others about Islam and Muslims and to increase the Islamic literacy of Muslims themselves.

ING’s programs not only help people outside the faith move beyond the stereotypes that have become firmly etched in the minds of most Westerners, but also help Muslims gain an understanding of their own faith that is shaped by a vision of Islam that is both pluralistic and respectful of a diversity of ideas that are inherent in Islam and critical to the future of Muslims in the West. We need not only to increase our outreach to educators in schools and other institutions across the country but also to ensure that Muslim clergy (imams), spokespeople, outreach centers in mosques, and Muslim youth attending public schools have access to our educational materials in order to respond to the barrage of questions that many Americans and even Muslims themselves have about Islam.

Please help us in this important task as we move forward to expand our educational outreach and our INGYouth program and to make our educational materials available to Muslim and other activists across the country, by keeping us in your prayers and donating generously. Together we can and will overcome.

Maha Elgenaidi
Trustee and CEO



Muslims and Parisians Gather for
Candlelight Vigil in Union Square

ING’s Ameena Jandali spoke at a recent candlelight vigil for victims of the Paris attacks:

“We just wanted to show our solidarity with the people of France. We want to make it very clear that, as American Muslims, we do not condone this. This goes against everything that we hold dear to us as Muslims. The Muslim community needs to say, ‘No, we’re not going to accept this. This is not our religion. We’re not going to stand for this.'”

Join Our Upcoming INGYouth
Workshops in California and Florida

Students age 11 through 22 as well as their parents are invited to join us at our upcoming INGYouth workshops in San Jose, CA and Longwood, FL.

INGYouth Workshops help ensure that our youth are equipped to address and respond to stereotypes and prejudice while maintaining a positive attitude and confident self-identity.

After a recent workshop, young Muslims were asked “What are some ways that you can prevent the negative effects of Islamophobia at your school?”

“We can educate others, respect them, correct them if they make an inaccurate statement about Islam.” 

“You can organize a presentation about the real fundamental principles of Islam in front of your peers.”