PowerPoints and Scripts on Current Topics

Islamophobia and its Impact

Do you wonder where many common stereotypes about Muslims come from? What enables Islamophobia, and how is it disseminated? Is it possible that you’re contributing to Islamophobia without knowing it? How do we counter Islamophobia? These and other questions are answered by an updated ING presentation that looks at Islamophobia and its impact. Presentation topics include the evolving definition of Islamophobia, historical and contemporary factors that enable Islamophobia, how it’s disseminated in society, its impact on Muslims and all Americans, and ways to counter Islamophobia.

An Overview of Ramadan and Fasting

This presentation is for both individual learning and interfaith engagement. The PowerPoint presentation is accompanied by detailed scripts offering an overview of Ramadan, the purpose and goals of fasting, and a look at a day in the life of a fasting person. It also explores some of the challenges of accommodating fasting employees and students and ways to meet them.

Getting to Know American Muslims Public Presentation

Increased public interest in learning about Islam, and content requests from Muslim spokespeople led us to create an abbreviated version of ING’s presentation Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith. The presentation and its scripts offer a broad overview of Muslims and their faith, history, and contributions to the world and to the United States.