Proud of Our Democracy

November 4, 2020

I am Proud of and Grateful for the Democratic Process

Yesterday’s elections demonstrate once again the depth of Americans’ commitment to the values and process of democracy. Over the past few weeks we have witnessed an unprecedented level of civic engagement, with record numbers of people registering to vote and voting, including many for the first time. A record 100 million people voted before election day by mail-in ballots or at the polls. This is a moment that can inspire our children and the world with faith in the democratic process. We at ING congratulate all who participated in this election by volunteering, voting, or working in other ways to demonstrate your commitment to the process. Your enthusiastic participation gives us hope for the future!

Recent years have revealed the continued and urgent need for our work of fostering understanding among diverse people. Ongoing bigotry, racist incidents, and hate crimes against African Americans, Latinx, Indigenous Peoples, and others, including racialized religious groups like Muslims and Jews, point to the real divides in our country that we, as Americans, must continue to address, bridge, and heal.

Regardless of who wins the elections, there is, no doubt, more work to do in both education and engagement. And we at ING look to the future with hope and renewed energy to create an America that is harmonious and inclusive for all its diverse members.


In peace and solidarity,

Maha Elgenaidi
ING Executive Director