Ramadan Mubarak

08/02/11 – As Muslims throughout the world begin fasting from pre-dawn to sunset today, ING extends its wishes for a peaceful and inspirational Ramadan filled with blessings and peace. We also would like to encourage you to take advantage of ING resources to make Ramadan an opportunity for outreach and education.

  • We encourage you to look for our upcoming newsletter in the mail and on our website. Our newsletter keeps you up to date on ING’s projects and accomplishments and informs you of major achievements.  Please feel free to share it with friends and family.
  • Please join our webinar on bullying on either August 18th or 20th. ING is conducting these back-to-school trainings for youth and parents. ING successfully piloted these trainings at two MYNA retreats as well as the annual ISNA convention in July. The trainings will equip students with the skills and knowledge to answer frequently asked questions about Islam and Muslims as well as how to respond to harassment and bullying at school. Take advantage of these trainings before the new school year begins.
  • As students return to school in the upcoming month, inform your children’s schools about ING’s Islamic Speakers Bureau and Interfaith Speakers Bureau programs. Both programs provide religious literacy and create understanding and harmony between students of all faiths.
  • If you own an iphone, take advantage of ING’s iphone app, Multifaith News and Events. This recently launched app keeps you updated on issues, articles and events that impact the religious community in America.