Registration Open | ING Launches New Bureau

Registration Open for ING Ramadan Iftar Dinners

Choose from two locations: Dublin and Palo Alto
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Celebrating our 26th year anniversary, we invite you to join us to meet our new leadership team and executive staff, and get an update on our new speaker bureaus for Muslim teens, as well as a newly launched bureau that addresses Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry.
Program and registration here for May 19th in Dublin. Program and registration here for May 26th in Palo Alto.

Launching ING’s NEW Intercultural Speakers Bureau

Pilot panels in April-June. Full launch in September for schools and community organizations.

If you wish to schedule a pilot panel, contact Program Associate, Michelle Galecki at [email protected] 
Scheduled to fully launch in Fall 2019, ING’s Intercultural Speakers Bureau will examine the roots and interconnectedness of various forms of bigotry, including Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, racism, and xenophobia, that are directed against Muslim, Jewish, African-American, Latino, Asian, and Native American populations. The new Bureau’s panel discussions will address the history of knowledge creation about non-whites under colonialism, old and neo-orientalism, xenophobia, and internalized bigotry. Working from the well-established social-science principle that face-to-face education and engagement are the most effective ways to dispel prejudice, panels will include group discussions and conclude with calls to action to counter prejudice and hate while building an inclusive society based on mutual understanding and solidarity.
The catalyst for the Bureau is the current political and social environment affecting several minority groups. The past two years have seen a sharp rise in bigotry against all racial and religious minorities, including Muslims, in the wake of the Travel (Muslim) Ban, as well as Jews, Latinos, and immigrants generally, and Native and African-Americans, who have long suffered from racism and bigotry. Hate crimes against Muslims went up 17% in 2017 after surging 57% in the previous year, while anti-Semitic incidents surged by 60% in 2017 (ADL), the largest single-year increase ever recorded. In California, hate crimes against all groups rose by 17.4% in 2017; against Latinos by 51%, against Muslims by 27%, and against African-Americans—the most frequent victims of hate crimes—by 20.3%.
Since these manifestations of bigotry share common historical roots and are interrelated, the new Speakers Bureau hopes to raise awareness of the shared experiences of these affected groups, and build solidarity and allyship towards creating more harmonious, peaceful communities for all Americans.
Islamic Networks Group (ING) is a non-profit organization with affiliates and partners around the country that are pursuing peace and countering all forms of bigotry through education and interfaith engagement while working within the framework of the First Amendment’s protection of religious freedom and pluralism.