Religion in the Workplace

ING and JCRC Celebrate Mimouna, a Traditional Moroccan Jewish-Muslim Event, 5/5/07

The ING-JCRC coalition commemorated a traditional celebration that was observed by Jews and Muslims in Morocco at an East Bay home on Sunday, May 6th. The celebration, called Mimouna takes place at the end of Passover, celebrating friendly relations between Jews and Muslims. Muslims would bring flowers, ears of grain, greens, honey, milk, bread, and fresh butter to their Jewish friends. Those Muslims with whom Jews had deposited foods for the duration of the Passover week would bring them back then, and Jews would invite Muslims to partake of the Mimouna delicacies. The celebration is a demonstration of the centuries of friendship and co-existence between Jews and Muslims, and was observed by the ING-JCRC coalition as a reaffirmation of that long tradition and history. Members of the coalition shared ethnic dishes, fruits, and drinks and socialized as they listened to Middle Eastern music that intertwined music from both Arab and Jewish traditions. ING Speaker Motivates Youth at Leadership Seminar in Hayward, 5/5/07

ING speaker Ameena Jandali delivered a motivational lecture to a group of about 20 youth at the World Alliance for Humanity’s Youth Leadership Seminar which took place on the Cal State East Bay campus in Hayward on Saturday, May 5th. The all day program attracted youth from diverse ethnic backgrounds to discuss ways that they can each effect change in the world and use their creative talents to give back to society. Referencing ING’s presentation, “The Power of One, How One Person Can Affect Change,” the ING speaker emphasized the importance for Muslim Americans to be proactive in defining their own identity rather than allowing others to define it in a way that is often derogatory or far from reality. She gave them concrete ways to educate others about Islam, including the most important one, actually embodying Islam in their character and actions.

ING Speaker Addresses Business Class at Cal State East Bay, 5/5/07

An ING speaker addressed a class on International Human Resource Management at Cal State East Bay in Hayward on Saturday morning on May 5th. The students will eventually work in global human resources in a variety of nations, including Muslim populated countries, and were interested in learning more about issues that might affect a manager when interacting with Muslim employees. The ING presentation titled, “Religion in the Workplace,” provided a discussion on religious diversity assessment in the workplace, how to build an inclusive work environment, language considerations when talking about religion in the workplace, legal considerations, and how this applies to Muslims in the workplace in areas such as stereotyping, ritual practice, and cultural considerations. The presentation concluded with a humorous quiz that tested what the students had learned. This presentation has been successfully delivered in tens of companies around the nation including CISCO, Apple, HP, and Agilent Technologies, as well as numerous Human Resource and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission related conferences. For more information, contact ING’s Scheduler, Rani Shah at [email protected]

ING Speaker at St. Ignatius College Prep, San Francisco, 5/4/07

An ING speaker delivered two presentations on “Contemporary Issues Concerning Muslims” to two Senior Comparative Religion classes at St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco on Friday, May 4th. The students were curious in learning more about a faith they had little personal exposure to, but had experienced mainly through media representations. They had numerous questions relating to theology as well as more contemporary issues such as the role of women and extremism. The school’s dedication to excellence in learning was evident from the interest and knowledge displayed by the students.

ING Speaker Participates in Piedmont Middle School’s Diversity Day, 5/2/07

ING speaker Adeel Iqbal was one of many speakers from various cultures and background who participated in Piedmont Middle School’s Diversity Day on Wednesday, May 2nd to address topics relating to multi-culturalism and diversity. The event was incredibly well-organized, concluding with a mixture of ethnic cuisines in a thank you brunch at the end of the sessions. Adeel presented ING’s “Orientation on Islam and Muslims” to two eighth grade classes. Students were very attentive and respectful, and the teachers were excited and pleased with the ING material, as well as the interactive presentation style. Piedmont Middle School has been sponsoring ING presentations for over a decade, and is to be commended for its dedication to building diversity and inclusion in the school community.

ING Speaker Presents at Chiodo Art Development, Oakland 5/02/07

On Wednesday, May 2nd an ING speaker gave an “Orientation on Islam and Muslims” to a group of teachers, artists and others associated with a special project at the Chiodo Art Development in Oakland. The presentation covered the basics on Islam as well as an overview of American Muslims and a brief history, punctuated throughout with thoughtful questions from the audience on a range of topics relating to Islam and Muslims. The presentation was scheduled to highlight an important project the art company has embarked on, lead by the company’s president and well known artist, Mario Chiodo. Chiodo is the master sculptor for the bronze monument, “Champions for Humanity”, which honors 24 international human rights and other leaders, including Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Cesar Chavez, Maya Angelou, and Shireen Ebadi. The work of art is expected to extend 52 feet in length, 28 feet high and 22 feet wide, and is to be placed in a new park near downtown Oakland. The inspiration for the project were the events of 9/11, and what he felt was a critical message that needs to be stressed – that one person can make a difference in the world. For more information about the exhibit, visit:

ING Speaker Continues Series on the Study of Islam & Muslims at Hayward Public Library, 5/01/07

ING’s President, Maha Elgenaidi presented the second of a three part series on the Study of Islam & Muslims sponsored by the Hayward Public Library on consecutive Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00. The presentation on May 1st addressed “Contemporary Issues Concerning Muslims,” which included topics such as Muslim American demographics, perceptions and root causes of stereotypes, and other contemporary issues affecting Muslims today such as the war in Iraq, women’s rights and extremism. The audience had numerous questions on these and related topics, and was gratified to have the opportunity to learn more about a greatly misunderstood faith and culture. The third lecture in the series will focus on Islamic Contributions to Civilization presented by Fouzi Husaini