Know Your Neighbor (KYN) Content For Educator Training

Please find below curriculum that supplements social studies content standards relating to religion. The content is curated from the #KnowYourNeighbor Back-to-School and Share Your Story social media campaigns. Content is categorized by the following topics:

Use this material at your own discretion in relation to your state and school district’s social studies content standards.

We hope you will find these resources useful to your efforts. Please give us feedback by writing to [email protected].

Positive Actions Taken By Educators

High-school student Soha talks about what a teacher does to accommodate her faith tradition.1.18
Parent George McDonnell talks about how her child’s school responded to cases of bullying with a long- term way to counter it. 1.21
Parent Ameena Jandali tells how a teacher reached out to her student to be more inclusive during the holidays. 0.29

Educators’ Advice

High-school teacher Helena Miller-Fleig talks about how she discusses openly with her students her goals for classroom culture and dispells students’ assumptions about faith traditions.1.03
High-school teacher Paul Spitzmueller talks about bringing in speakers and presentation materials from ING.1.41
University instructor Linda Levine talks about what she does to make her classroom more inclusive and what her students say she successfully does.1.39

What People Wish Educators Knew

High-school student Soha talks about how a teacher stopped her from praying at school and how she reacted. 1.31
Parent Ameena Jandali talks about how teachers could be more aware of religious holidays and how they impact students. 0.49
High-school student Tuvya talks about how winter holiday concerts that he felt excluded his faith tradition. 1.06