How To Participate

Host a Community Event:

We have created several public event templates that you can use to bring people together in your communities. They’re meant to provide a framework that you can customize to your needs. Enjoy!

Share Your Story:

You can help encourage others within your networks to share their thoughts and perspectives on our great nation by sharing your own. We hope that you’ll answer one (or more) of the following questions either through tweets, Facebook posts, or videos.

  • If your family was banned from immigrating to America, what would have happened to them?
  • What does the 4th of July mean to you?
  • Share with us your dream for America and how you believe we can get there.
  • Do you feel you belong to America, and do you feel that America belongs to you? Why or Why not? What would make you feel you belong?
  • When you were growing up, what did your family tell you about the meaning of being an American?
  • Can you tell a story of a time you felt proud of America? What about a time you felt ashamed of it?
  • Does being labelled as a hyphenated American (e.g. African-American, Mexican-American, Muslim-American, etc.) make you feel excluded or included in your vision of America?
  • How do we discuss our various immigration stories while remaining aware of the huge difference between being an immigrant and being a descendant of slaves or of indigenous people?

Encourage Others to Share

Here are templates and graphics for posting on social media about the Know Your Neighbor Campaign