Responding to Bullying of Muslim Students

Februrary 18, 2022

To help teachers tackle typical bullying scenarios that Muslim students encounter, we provided suggestions that were published by the educational media hub  The article provides strategies for educators to respond to the following typical scenarios:

Bullying Situation #1: A fifth grader calls a Muslim classmate a “terrorist.”

Bullying Situation #2: A staff member tells a high school student to take off her hijab because it’s a dress code violation.

Bullying Situation #3: A group of junior high students spreads a rumor on social media that a Muslim classmate is a member of ISIS.

Bullying Situation #4: Another teacher calls a student Joseph, instead of his given name of Yusuf.

Bullying Situation #5: A second grade student asks a Muslim classmate, “Why do you people hate us?”

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Bullying of Muslim students is taking place in schools all across this country. It is real, it is ugly, and it is happening way more often than you might think. According to a 2020 survey by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, “51 percent of Muslim families reported that their child had been bullied because of their faith.”

One of the best ways to prevent religion-based harassment and bullying of Muslim students is through education. ING offers a variety of educator resources here that include online lesson plans, speaker panels and presentations.

Thank you for your commitment to protecting Muslim students and students of all backgrounds.

ING Team