Role of Nationals in Terrorist Bombings

(San Francisco Bay Area, 7/14/05) We were shocked and saddened to hear of the recent identification of native British Muslims as having been responsible for the horrific attacks in London last week. These barbaric attacks are made all the worse because they were apparently committed by British citizens. In addition to the Islamic principal that totally prohibits and condemns the taking of innocent lives, Islam teaches that citizens of a community have a duty to uphold and respect the laws, security, and interest of that community. All of these principles were violated on July 7th.

We want to express our deepest condemnation of such a breach of trust and senseless violence against innocent people, and to assure our fellow residents that we stand united with them against any possible tendencies in our communities, and will do our utmost to stand at the vanguard of protecting this community which we call our home from those who would disrupt our security and peace.

To those who seek to divide us and spread fear between us, we pledge that we will not allow those who promote hatred and violence to defeat the voices of unity, goodwill, and cooperation. Our condolences, prayers, and hearts go out to all those affected by these deplorable acts, and pray for the voices of peace and reason to prevail, here at home, and abroad.

(San Francisco Bay Area, 7/15/05) ING holds press conference saying they will not tolerate hate in mosques. Joining the press conference were the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR), South Bay Islamic Association (SBIA), South Valley Islamic Center, Islamic Society of San Francisco, San Francisco Muslim Community Center (SFMCC), Islamic Society of the East Bay (ISEB), Santa Clara County Muslim Community Association (MCA), Zaytuna Institute, Indian Muslim Relief Committee (IMRC), American Muslim Voice (AMV), United Muslims of America (UMA), American Muslim Alliance (AMA), Stanford Islamic Society, and other regional Muslim and interfaith leaders, such as the Very Reverend Episcopal Bishop William Swing. A link to some of the coverage follows:

Bay Area KPIX-TV5 Coverage on July 15, 2005

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