Saturday, Feb 16th Speakers Bureau Training


ING’s “Islamic Speakers Bureau” Training
Saturday, February 16, 2008
10:00 AM – 4:30 PM Join ING’s pool of speakers ( who supplement education about Islam and Muslims and engage in interfaith dialogue for the purpose of increasing religious literacy and mutual respect. Here’s what trainees who attended the February 9th speakers training had to say:

Thank you for such an awesome workshop yesterday! I learned a lot and was inspired by the efforts of ING’s work. I would like to sign up for certification…
– Amine Hambaba, trainee

ING offered me training in a time-tested, carefully researched approach to educating and clearing misconceptions about Islam & Muslims in the contemporary American context. I was not only provided with a solid method and tools for presenting Islam accurately and objectively in the classroom, but I was also taught how to understand the assumptions behind frequently asked questions and how to address them appropriately. I am truly grateful that you’ve made it easy for me to get involved in the work of fostering more understanding in the world.
– Rusha Latif, trainee

Upcoming training locations are as follows:

East Bay: February 16, 2008
10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
CSU East Bay Oakland Conference Center
Room 2, 1000 Broadway, Suite 109, Oakland, CA
Trainers: Farhan Syed & Ameena Jandali

San Francisco: February 23, 2008
10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
UCSF Conference Center Laurel Heights
Chancellor’s Room, 3333 California Street, San Francisco, CA
Trainers: Fouzi Husaini and Reema Qadry

Farhan Syed, a ten year veteran ING speaker described the value of the program in the following way:

The Islamic Speakers Bureau has benefited me personally and professionally in amazing ways. It has provided a tremendous channel for me to make a difference in the world, as it has improved my confidence in public speaking, time management and ability to think on my feet. Thus it has impacted my career and helped me gain the respect of co-workers who also see the value of the work that I am doing. If nothing else, think about this: when you go to a school or a community center to speak, and you teach the facts about Islam and Muslims, you might be the only Muslim that some in the audience will ever get to meet who tells them what Muslims are truly about. Think about the impact you’ll be making! The next time they hear a news story or see something on Television relating to Islam, they’ll remember you and what you spoke about and use that as a measuring stick.

To register for one of the workshops, please contact Grace Fong, ING’s Sr. Program Manager at [email protected]

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