School Overview


ING provides valuable educational resources for teachers, administrators and staff, including interactive presentations for middle and high school students that are aligned with the California State Board of Education History-Social Science content standards and are intended to supplement your curriculum. ING teaches about world religions, including Islam, in the context of religious pluralism and in accordance with the First Amendment Center guidelines.

The section below provides a comprehensive listing of presentations available for Grades 7 – 12. In addition, we offer a variety of teaching resources to help students develop a better understanding of Islam and other major world religions and traditions.

Presentations about American Muslims and Their faith

In light of ongoing global conflicts and the threat of terrorism that have both served to increase stereotypes and misperceptions about Muslims, it is important for students to meet American Muslims face to face to counter stereotyping and bias. ING offers presentations for middle and high school students to supplement the study of Islamic civilization and Muslim culture in the context of social studies and history. There is no charge for these presentations. To learn more about ING’s presentations or to schedule a presentation click here.

Interfaith Panels

ING provides interfaith panels with representatives from the five major world religions for high school classrooms where world history, comparative religions, and culture and/or diversity are part of the curriculum. Teachers can choose a panel with up to five interfaith speakers who first provide an introduction to each of their religions before addressing a topic of your choice; the Muslim and Jewish panel provides an overview of these two religions before discussing common practices and challenges as minorities in America. There is no charge for these panels. To learn more about ING’s interfaith panels or to request a panel, click here.

Intercultural Panels

ING provides panels of diverse speakers who examine the roots and interconnectedness of various forms of bigotry, including Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and racism against Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Latinx, Asians, Hindus, Sikhs, and Native Americans. School panels address the history and impact of colonialism, slavery, orientalism, xenophobia, and internalized bigotry, and include student group discussions and calls to action to counter prejudice and foster inclusion. There is no charge for these panels. To learn more about ING’s intercultural panels or to request a panel, click here.

Additional Resources

To view ING’s additional resources, click here