Special Events | ING Supports Safe Place to Learn Act

Table of Contents:

  • What a Muslim Wishes Christians Knew About Islam
  • Getting to Know Muslims and Their Faith
  • Teaching the Abrahamic Traditions
  • ING Supports Passage of Bill to Address Bullying in Schools
  • Speakers Help Change Attitudes at Women’s Events
  • Classes on Islam for Jewish Community

What a Muslim Wishes Christians Knew About Islam
Sunday, June 5th, 5:00–6:30 p.m. in Piedmont

ING Content Director Ameena Jandali will present reflections on “What A Muslim Wishes Christians Knew About Islam.”  Who are American Muslims and how does their faith inform their lives? This presentation will give some answers to these questions, addressing the basic beliefs and practices of Muslims and how their faith relates to those of their neighbors. There will be ample time for Q & A and discussion with the speaker.


Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith
Wednesday, June 15th, 2:00–3:30 p.m. in Palo Alto

Ismael Nass will present our flagship presentation, which starts with a discussion of the diversity of the Muslim community around the world and of the demographics, history and current life of Muslims in the U.S. It includes a discussion of how Muslims relate to people of other faiths.


Teaching the Abrahamic Traditions for
Secondary School Religious Educators
Thursday, June 23rd, 9:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. in Belmont

As part of Notre Dame de Namur University’s third annual “Institute to Support Secondary School Religious Educators”, ING CEO Maha Elgenaidi will participate in a panel discussion on teaching the Abrahamic traditions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).


ING Supports Passage of Bill to Address
Bullying and Discrimination in Schools

Last week the “School Safety: Safe Place to Learn Act” (AB 2845) passed unanimously out of committee and will be voted on in the coming months. This Assembly bill would require the California Department of Education to assess whether California educational agencies have provided enough resources to students who are subject to discrimination and bias-based bullying. ING was one of the organizations backing the measure, having sent a letter of support. CEO Maha Elgenaidi wrote:

We believe that AB 2845 is an important tool for addressing the problem of bullying and discrimination in our public education system as a result of increased Islamophobia. AB 2845 will ensure that school employees will be provided the necessary resources and information so that our students are provided the assistance and support they need when faced with school bullying and discrimination.


Speakers Help Change Attitudes at Women’s Events

womenretreat2016-3 ING held two successful events about Muslim women on May 21st in San Juan Bautista and San Jose.

ING CEO Maha Elgenaidi and volunteers Shaheen Naqvi, Attya Bukhari and Ann Hamza engaged women from Saratoga’s Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church at their annual retreat. Participants were excited about what they learned:

I was really surprised by my change of attitude. I look forward to helping improve the perceptions of my very opinionated acquaintances.

I really thought I was informed when I came in today but I was surprised by how much I didn’t know. I was surprised to learn how much Muslims honor Jesus.

This experience absolutely lessened stereotypical bias and fears I had about terrorism which are committed by a small group of people… We must stand together.

At the Bascom Library in San Jose, ING Content Director Ameena Jandali joined San Francisco Bay CAIR Executive Director Zahra Billoo for a discussion sponsored by the American Association of University Women. One participant wrote:

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the program. It has given me a greater awareness of the contradictory messages we get about this religion. I like things that get me to question and want to find out more, and this is what happened.


ING to Give Classes on Islam for the
Jewish Community and the General Public

Several Bay Area Jewish institutions have requested classes on Muslims and Islam for the Jewish community and the general public. ING staff will teach a six-week course, “Introducing Muslims and Islam,” scheduled for Wednesdays, November 2 – December 14 from 7:30–9:30 p.m. at the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center in Palo Alto. Details and registration will be announced at a later date. The class will cover American Muslims, their history and contributions, as well as other issues facing Muslims and Muslim communities nationally and globally. At Santa Clara University, ING staff will teach a similar class under the auspices of the Osher Foundation in spring 2017, with dates and times to be announced.