Support Teachers Who Inspire Learning

November 23, 2022

Someone once said that “teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.” It is so true and is the reason why at ING we are grateful to be supporting great teachers who care about and inspire their students to learn about their topics of study through primary sources.

Since 1993, ING has been supporting teachers in middle school, high school, and college classrooms during their study of world religions, world history, social sciences, and contemporary issues. 

This year, we provided live speakers to an average of two schools a week through our Muslim, Multifaith and Multiethnic speakers bureaus.  

Since we started, we’ve visited over 3,000 schools and 8,000 classrooms, and spoken to 250,000 students just in the Bay Area. Our lesson plans are downloaded by teachers in all 50 states. And our affiliates have supported hundreds of teachers all across the country.  

Here’s what one teacher had to say about our impact on her students which is typical of feedback we receive:

“ING provides a vast wealth of knowledge & resources to help me help my students make great strides and realizations about acceptance, tolerance, and appreciation of other groups of people throughout history and in their lives today.”

-Middle School Teacher, California

Join us to further expand our work of supporting teachers across the nation by providing them with free presentations, panels, online resources, and lesson plans.


Maha Elgenaidi

ING Founder