Teachers – Bring Your Subjects To Life!

Teachers – Bring Your Subjects To Life!

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In the drastically changing world around us, it’s becoming increasingly important to put as much thought into the process of teaching as you do into the content of your lesson plans as a teacher. This has become especially true for covering challenging topics like Islam or world religions in general.

Whether from the media, or from influences outside school, many students haven’t had a chance to learn about these topics from a reputable source. More importantly, many students haven’t met someone from the various religious traditions.

We believe that the experiential learning that occurs when you host a live speaker provides an unparalleled educational opportunity for your students. Not only is this true for religious literacy, but also for humanization of the “other” in general. That is why we’ve offered speakers on Islam and other world religions, reaching over a million students in 20,000 classrooms since our inception in 1993.

A great teacher brings subjects vividly to life. We want to make it easy for you to do your best. Book speakers from the Islamic Speakers’ Bureau or the Interfaith Speakers’ Bureau for your classroom today. Learn more here.