Thank You to All Our Supporters

(San Jose, 12/4/06) Thank you to all our supporters for a successful ING Supporters Dinner on Saturday, December 2nd, 2006! You make our important work of education and interfaith relations possible!

We want to extend a special note of appreciation to those of you who attended ING’s 14th Annual Supporters’ Dinner. The sold-out event focused on the timely topic of “Indigenous Islam & Today’s Muslim Americans,” which was addressed by scholars Imam Faheem Shuaibe and Professor Sherman Jackson, as well as by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Hanson in a surprise appearance. ING raised a significant portion of its annual operating budget for 2007. Recordings of the speeches will be available on our website soon!

It is through the support of people like YOU that we are able to continue our important work, and accomplish such milestones as:

  • Training and certifying speakers who deliver an average of 700 educational and interfaith programs annually in the San Francisco Bay Area to a variety of institutions, including schools, universities, corporations, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, faith based organizations, and others.
  • Providing materials and other type of support to our affiliates around the country, which combined deliver an additional 4000 presentations nationwide, and in Canada and England. This means that approximately 250,000 people of all faiths interact with ING and affiliate speakers on an annual basis.
  • Developing content & interfaith oriented programs on a variety of topics, ranging from a basic Orientation on Islam & Muslims & their relations with people of other faiths, to Women’s rights, History of Muslims in America, and cultural competency trainings for various institutions.
  • Developing an ongoing list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Islam & Muslims in consultation with preeminent indigenous scholars who are familiar with the challenges of Muslims living in the West, post 9/11.
  • Establishing relationships and partnerships and collaborating on various interfaith projects with mainstream organizations & institutions of all faiths.

Americans of all faiths always ask our speakers: “Why do we never hear from Muslims condemning terrorism?” ING and its affiliates are organizations that are not only speaking out against terrorism on a daily basis, but also speaking out about ways we could build bridges among people of different faiths! See our upcoming ING Spring Series of Interfaith Dialogue Circles as an example of our important work.

These and many other efforts are not possible without your support and backing. If you haven’t already done so and wish to donate to ING’s work, please visit our website at: Donate Now!

Thank you and may God or providence increase all of you and your families with the best of rewards. Happy holidays to all our readers.


ING Staff and Board of Trustees