This New Year we pray…


That we will let stillness and calm, in which the Divine can find us, reign over all our busyness

That the turmoil, violence, and pain in the world may evoke in us compassionate hearts and compassionate action, not anger, fear, or frustration

That when calls to buy and consume seem all pervasive, we may all remember the call to care for our earth and all the beings on it, especially the most vulnerable threatened by pollution and climate change

That our country and our world may see the beauty of our diversity and recognize our common humanity and common values

That we may take time to offer gratitude for life, for home, for family, for friends, for faith

And especially we at ING offer our thanks to you, our donors and friends, whose steadfast support keeps us working at the task of building interreligious and intercultural understanding and harmony, a task that this past year has proved to be more vital than ever!

ING Staff